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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Being the Mouthpiece of God

" strength is made perfect in weakness." (Eph. 12:9)

Last night, I had the honor of dining with Sr. Constance. She is the former adviser of the women's household at the university parish where I am employed, and she invited all 7 household members and me (as the current adviser) for dinner at her residence last night.

Sister asked us to reflect upon how God has shown His glory to us over the course of our time at our university parish. She wondered how God has manifested Himself to us as He manifested Himself to Moses in the burning bush. 

God certainly manifests Himself in many ways - not so much in as visual and evident ways as He did with Moses (much to the dismay of some people), but in ways that speak to the quiet of our hearts where He lives in Spirit.

For me, He has manifested Himself primarily through people. I am astounded when I hear God's voice spoken through the mouths of His children - through the kind word of encouragement when I need it most, the perspective offered when I am seeing things through a haze, and the loving phrase whispered in my ear by my fiance when I am finding myself unlovable. It is in these moments that I feel I am closest to God, and they usually happen when I am looking for Him the least.

We truly have the opportunity to be the mouthpiece, the feet, the hands, and the loving arms of God for those He places in our lives, and we will never know how even the simplest gesture of love can make a monumental difference.

Sister provided us with this beautiful reflection, which indicates how we are called to live our lives as children of God:

Only God creates
But we are called to enhance that creation
Only God gives life
But we are called to cherish life
Only God makes to grow
But we are called to nurture that growth
Only God gives faith
But we are called to be signs of God for each other
Only God gives love
But we are called to care for each other
Only God gives hope
But we are called to give each other reason to hope
Only God gives power
But we are called to get things going
Only God can bring peace
But we are called to build bridges
Only God brings happiness
But we are called to be joyful
Only God is the way
But we are called to show others the way
Only God is the light
But we are called to make that light shine in the world
Only God makes miracles happen
But we must offer our loaves and fishes
Only God can do the impossible
But it is up to us to do what is possible.  

I think it's important to remember that God is perfect, and we never will be while on earth - but we are still made in His image and likeness. This means we are meant to imitate Him, to bring His love in every tiny way we can to all of His beloved children, to strive for perfection, no matter how far off it may seem.

Little by little, we can build the Kingdom of God on earth by doing the very best we can with our imperfect selves. After all, as the Lord told St. Paul, "My strength is made perfect in weakness" (2 Cor. 12:9).

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